Based in Dallas Fort Worth since 2001, we provide a wide range of locksmith services and we are always ready to help you with any emergency needs at your home or business.

General Tips

With your business as well as your home, you need to be aware of when you are most at risk of being burglarized and act accordingly. The time when you are most at risk are when you:

  • Have just fired an employee
  • Have multiple keys in circulation (Maintenance people, employees, etc)
  • Have a very consistent schedule
  • Take long vacations

Locks & Doors

  • Your locks are your first line of defense. Be sure they offer patented key control to guard against unauthorized key duplication and are resistant to picking and drilling.
  • Install Medeco High Security Locks or Electronic Access Control Units on all doors. Remember, standard access systems do not offer high security.
  • Install solid doors.
  • Select door frames and hinges that cannot be pried open.
  • Secure all windows

Safes & Lights

  • Position your safe in clear view and secure it to the floor
  • Give the combination or key only to specially authorized personnel.
  • Change the combination often
  • Turn the dial several times after closing the safe to be sure it is locked.
  • Make frequent deposits so a minimal amount of cash is stored at your business.
  • Vary your route and schedule for trips to the bank.
  • Protect your business with proper lighting
  • Install motion sensitive as well as constant outside lighting.
  • Eliminate dark places around the building that would make good hiding places.
  • Keep some interior lights on even when the business is closed.
  • Place inside lights in rear of room so that silhouettes can be seen from the street.

Outdoor Security & Suspicious Idlers

  • Be sure fire escapes don’t provide easy access.
  • Keep a clear view into and out of your establishment by clearing high bushes or trees.
  • Ask employees and neighbors to report suspicious persons and happenings.
  • Remember the physical features of suspicious persons and write down detailed descriptions.
  • Call the police if suspicious idlers continue to loiter.
  • Write down the license number of any vehicle involved in a possible crime.
  • If you are robbed, remember that it is better to lose your valuables than your life. Yield your possessions and let the robber go. Then call the police. Be alert to every detail that could aid in identifying the criminal.